Nerdy Graphics Design is created and owned by Terrance Kelsey. Terrance is a Phoenix, Arizona native and a college graduate from Arizona State University, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in art Intermedia. Always working as a freelance designer Terrance worked hard and strived to start up NGD (Nerdy Graphics Design).  Terrance has done work for many local businesses, bands/groups, churches and other organizations like: Berean Church, Bethany Church of God in Christ, Kelsey Mechanical, B.A.D (Black Artist and Designers) and many other places. Because of this Terrance has gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the design field and continues to excel and improve as a designer.

     With Nerdy Graphics Design Terrance hopes to continue to have the company improve, and gain even more clients who appreciate the hard work and care NGD puts into every design that is done. As a company Nerdy Graphics Design hopes to be able to make top of the line flyers, logos, invitations, or anything else that is asked from our clients. With NGD we know how to work hard and give nothing but the best in each and every project that is done.